Set in the spring of 1941 in Bedminster, Bristol, this play focuses on a family as they struggle with the nightly air raids of the Second World War. Unexpected people begin to enter their world: an American sailor mysteriously appears in their bomb shelter, and foreign refugees move in to the house two doors down the street. As the bombing continues, and life grows more tenuous, they are soon as much at war with each other as they are with the enemy in the sky above. The play is in many ways concerned with the existential responses people have when faced with so much uncertainty. Are we kind to others, out of a sense of comradeship or patriotism, or cruel to protect our own fragile place in the world?

‘Heart-felt and thought-provoking’ – Bristol Theatre Review.

Shelter. Written and Directed by R. Scott Fraser. The Alma Tavern Theatre, March 2013. Designed by Emma Duckett. Costumes by James Friedlander-Boss. Photos by Amanda Penlington.

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